Zigbee channel

Hi everyone,
I have the following question: I have homee with Zigbee in place and two WiFi access points with manually selected 2G channel so it does not interfere with my Zigbee network. All works fine but I reached maximum device limit on the Zigbee network.
Since I need to bring a few more devices into the mix I am thinking about bringing a second homee with another Zigbee cube and make it a slave unit in the current homee.
As the Zigbee cube chooses the radio channel when installed (and it cannot be so far changed later) - the question is: if it chooses a wrong channel that interferes with some of my existing components does it look for another channel again after factory reset? Or it keeps the one that id did choose during first boot?
My idea is that if it choses a wrong one I would reset and try again…
Thanks for any hints!

The Zigbee cube chooses its channel when it is initaly installed and everytime you do a factory reset of the cube. It will scan the channels and uses one with less trafic.

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