Software upgrade failed AGAIN!

The Homee upgrading process is a disaster. I just performed a backup, then launched the upgrade. After „restarting Homee“ was indicated for some 10 minutes, it still hasn’t reconnected. All I get is „Reconnecting“ on the bottom of the app screen.

It’s just useless. How could such a hopelessly unstable product be offered on the market?

Is this a request for help or do you only want to piss off your frustration.
If the first is right, we need some more information:

What home coreversion are you updateing from/to
What App (IOS, Android, WebApp) and version are you use
What is the state of the status LED at the back of the homee braincube

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Essentially, I accepted the „upgrade“ option from my iPhone. The thing went through its steps, until the final one… where it stalled. I’ve been exchanging emails with Steffen, and we’ve come to the conclusion that I need to reset the Homee and restore a backup. AGAIN. I tried to do that, but can’t get the thing to reset. I can’t see the Homee wifi SSID on any of my phones/pcs. After I’ve reset the Homee, the light on the back blinks green.

Listen, I’m a fairly sophisticated user and I can’t figure this thing out. Furthermore, your email support mechanism is extremely frustrating and ineffective, despite the best efforts of Steffen and team. It’s not possible to offer effective support via email alone. At least chat would be an improvement.

I’ve come to the conclusion that while your product is innovative and very interesting, it is not stable and not ready for the consumer market. It’s best suited for technically minded users with hours to spare. Please prove me wrong.

Steffen gives more than 100% the community knows it and „love“ him.
But part of the concept is the helping community. There are cracks willing to help. They can‘t without answering there questions ore more info about your issue.
„Meckern“ does not help. :wink:
good luck

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Sure, it’s not Steffen’s fault - he’s been more than helpful.

My problem is that the fact that this product has twice failed when performing a simple upgrade, requiring a complete reset and reprogramming each time. Now, I’m capable of doing that (even though it’s a huge pain), but most consumers would find that very challenging and most would just give up. Finally, I find the lack of telephone support to be less than satisfactory, particularly as an escalation measure. Each step to find a solution is painfully slow… with even the simplest intervention taking an hours-long exchange of emails… a quick phone call or two with real-time interaction would deal with the issue so much more quickly.

Of course, all of this is in the context of the critical nature of the product. When our Homee is out of action, we cannot operate our outdoor blinds (fortunately Warema insisted that the wind alarm function remain part of their rock-solid operating system, rather than Homee). The support process needs to reflect that degree of criticality. More fundamentally, the Homee system design should have much better resilience than it evidently does. There should be much more fault tolerance, such as automatic backups and restores to previous working order, etc. Otherwise, the product really isn’t for less than sophisticated consumers, and its reputation as a reliable solution, however seductive the multi-platform proposition, will suffer.

By the way, in our case, Steffen has come to the conclusion that the Homee must be faulty. We are taking steps to have it replaced through the dealer. As I said, Steffen has been very helpful in finding a solution (over the weekend!) within the constraints of Homee’s support model.

are you shure about it? Do you know how many homee run across europe.
I understand it‘s verry frustrating if your smarthome not run caused of an update.
Here are many „Steffen“. Ask them too.

Of course I’m sure. Ease of use and reliability are key selling points for this product. Anything that undermines the user’s confidence in those two characteristics is an existential threat for this venture, I’d say. When a user has to get into cryptic reset procedures, restoring backup files, and is expected to spend hours doing it, that confidence is definitely undermined. At least, that is how I would see it if I were an investor in this business.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that my wife told me to dump it and install the more stable Warema solution. The first time we upgraded the Homee, we were on holiday and I spent over a day interacting via email with Homee support and trying to get a neighbour to get the thing working again. There was a storm brewing, and as the blinds were stuck in the „down“ position, we were worried that the wind would destroy them. Fortunately, we then learned, through Warema, rather than Homee, that wind alarm function sits in the Warema system, and is not reliant on the relatively unstable Homee. The blinds automatically went up when the wind blew. We were relieved. However, the whole thing needed to be reprogrammed when we returned.

This is now the second time the thing has failed (after an innocent upgrade) and it’s going to take a couple of weeks before we get our blinds working again.

Homee is fabulous when it’s working, but my confidence in its fault-tolerance is now low.

Voilà. Since you asked.

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Your problems are really very annoying.
If Steffen thinks the homee is defective and needs to be replaced, unfortunately we also can´t help you. A hardware defect can of course not be ruled out with any device.
Have you already tested a stronger power supply unit with at least 2A?

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I used the power supply that came with it, I think. It’s rated at 200mA.


Warema is shareholder of homee, i meen. And i think they knew what they‘ve done.

A bit I understand what you mean.

I would try a stronger power supply with Output 5V 2A, the supplied one should have 5V 1.2A (1200mA). When a homee works slowly, a power supply unit that is declining in performance was sometimes to blame.

Ja, du bist richtig - 1.2A, 5VDC output. Ich habe eine stärkeren Powersupply versucht. Auch nicht geklappt. Kein hard Reset möglich.

Ich warte, bis wir eine neue Homee bekommen, wie der Steffen sagt.


Why would that be necessary ? A manual or automated backup suffices usually if the sequence of restoring just the brain first and only then adding the other cubes is adhered too

We had no backup (was unaware of this prior to the first failure - there are no instructions). In any case, we needed to reset all of the WMS components of the Warema network so that they were once again „visible“ to the Warema cube. Like I said, it’s a long story. Warema support via telephone was first rate.


May i ask? Where are you from @davidjohnpike ?
I think it‘s hard to search known issues and solutions in a german community.

Good evening, does your homee with Warema cube run again?
Is there something to consider for this constelation , homee Warema cube, regarding updates ?
I dont use Warema, but it could be helpful for those

Ja, es hat funktioniert. Auf Steffens Rat hin haben wir das Homee-Brain ersetzt. Es funktioniert jetzt alles, sogar das Upgrade hat funktioniert. Nach einigen Tests kam er zu dem Schluss, dass das ursprüngliche Brain defekt war, und wir veranlassten einen Austausch auf Garantie. Ich habe mein Backup wiederhergestellt, und jetzt ist alles in Ordnung.

Vielen Dank, Steffen!

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We had problems after the software upgrade yesterday (4/4/23). I ended up having to reset the wifi. It’s working again now.

HOWEVER, the Alexa thing isn’t working well. We installed some new Warema devices, and they don’t all appear in Alexa. I tried to reset the Alexa Homee skill within Alexa, and it says it doesn’t exist anymore. What’s the story? We really want to use Alexa!!