Qubino Flush 1D Relay

Flush 1D Relay
Garage door, Gate, Entrance controller

With Qubino Flush 1D Relay you can wirelessly control your garage door, gate or entrance door of different power supply (110-240 VAC or 24 VDC). Use it to manage your gas water heater or as an intermediary that sends a PV signal to your heat pump, so it starts using photovoltaics energy and heating water to a higher temperature.


Läuft ohne Probleme und Einschränkungen soweit ichs einschätzen kann.
Also bei mir an der Garage passts… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great to hear!
Do you also have sensor connected to it, such as NEDJAA1?
Do you maybe use HomeKit? Does it show as a garage door? For example:

How does the Homee interface for garage door look like? Would you be kind to share a screenshot?

No sensor connectedand no homekit.
And the Qubino (connected to hörmann Garage door) in homee is just like a „smart remote control“.
So more like a smart button to push to open/close/stop the garage door.
You dont have informationen about the state of the door with just the qubino in use.

Thanks for feedback. I guess you have connected Qubino to the Garage door button connectors on the garage door motor, right?

If you say it only works as mommentary switch Start/Stop function, I guess it would make sense for Homee to include this device, and give it a possibility to work as a garage door opener with garage door status if sensor is connected.

Sort of in a way, like Qubino is advertising it on theiur webpage

Btw, does anyone knows, do other Garage doors modules, supported by Homee, give you garage door status?

Bei mir funktioniert das Flush 1D als Türsummer für die Haustür seit zwei Jahren ohne Probleme. Lies sich auch ohne Probleme inkludieren.

Hi guys, just a quick question. Do you have your garages working on 24V or 230?

How did you set your Qubino in Homee to trigger only momentary pulse?

Mine is working with 230V.

Qubino has a very good manual for the relay (approx. 70 pages) with all parameters described.
I think I solved it for my garage with the following parameter (expert setting)

Edit: Had a quick look and saw that I can choose between a switch and a button direct in the homee App. So there might be no need for setting parameters.