New venetian blinds

For a new house I am building, i want to buy exterior venetian blinds. They should be managed in a central domotica system, so I like the combination of Warema with Homee. Can you guide me to make the right purchase?

  • which motor is best to combine with homee?
  • which wall switch should I take? Directly linked to the blinds, or through homee?
  • if I add a WMS weather station. It will only communicate through homee, am I right? Is homee stable enough to depend on it?

Hello @KarelDuran and welcome to the community. Warema is pretty new for all of us, hence most of us have no or less experience with it. Additionally it’s Easter and we have public holidays in Germany, that’s why an official answer from @WAREMA_Service may take a few days longer than usual.

@WAREMA_Stefan can you pls help?

hello @KarelDuran
To answer your questions:

  • the venitian blinds dont have an integrated radio motor
    if you want to program them into the homee system you need a WMS plug receiver
  • with the WMS Transmitter UP you could use the blinds with the homee system and a local
  • the weatherstation will communicate with the Homee station
    Homee evaluates the measured values and will send the command to the receivers