Howto view graphs

Most, if not all devices have the possibility to show graphs, but none of them works in my ios app. The request always times out.
How can I make this work?

Please check in the web app. And let us know more about your setup. Which App and Core Version and which device would you like to track.

It would be nice, if you change the category of your threads to support. It’s no wiki topic.

Ok, i thought this could be a instruction in the wiki. Anyhow, i have a brain cube version 2.33.0 (2c257e44) with a z-wave cube firmware 3.95.0 and a warema cube firmware 2007355_104_047.

I try to get graphs from fibaro dimmer 2, from eurotronic air quality sensor (also z-wave) and from warema wetterstation plus.
All of them time out on graph display, but all of them give correct actual values

Oh, the app is IOS 14.7.1 on iPhone 8

question was on homee app version, should match brain version

did you have a power outage ? or homee power cut off ?
if yes, measurement database my be corrupted, and ypu need to fix it by reseting all device measurement values