Howto set back a back-up

Simple question, in the app I can find commands to make a back-up, to schedule a back-up, but nowhere I can find a command to restore from back-up

Hey, you’re right. It’s missing in the Android App. @Steffen can you check it!?

You can use the web app under the URL as well. The you find the feature restore at the Backup menu.

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Yeah, I’m afraid this bug is as old as the app and will not be fixed…like so many other things on Android

Since the thread’s issue is obviously concerning the Android app, I have altered the category accordingly.

Edit: …yet again, altered…

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Well, actually, i use an iphone. So it is missing on both platforms?

It is.

You need to use a webbrowser ( to restore from a backup.

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…goodness… there is no such category… :expressionless: @Steffen, maybe this should be addressed some time soon.

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gebe ich natürlich weiter. :muscle:

Thank you. This is ok for me. I only regret that there is not a good manual where I can find such things.

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