Homee speaks languages

I can find the Homee website in english, french and even in dutch!
But the community? Is that only in german?
I would like to try homey, but my german is too rusty to take part in a community.
Any hope for me?

I’m pretty sure you’ll get help if you run into any issues and post your questions in English. No worries :slight_smile:

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Hello @KarelDuran, welcome in homee-community. Most members are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So we chat in German.
Buti’m realy shure if you have any questions, you nee help or what ever there are many others beside me who can answer you in english.


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Homey or homee? Just to make sure…

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Bowl or cube(s)?

of course, as a dutch, it is easier to go for the bowl, Homey.
But I want to have Warema shutters, and they just introduced a cube for Homee. Cannot address them with Homey.

My first impression is that both are sufficiently and easily programmable, but contact with a community is important for such young and complex products.

Thank you for welcoming me

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Hello @KarelDuran, don’t worry. If there’s something we’ll try to help you. By the way I love the Netherlands and hope to be in the near of Alkmaar in September again.