Garbage screen

Hallo allemal,

Since a couple of weeks, when access homee from my macbook through Safari, chrome or firefox, this is what I see for all devices:

Accessing homee with the IOS app works fine.

Any idea of what the problem is?

Many thanks.

You have to use the beta version of the web-app

Hit Shift + 4 :wink:

Thanks. But same problem with beta version…

Try to clear the browser cache.
Try to log off, clear the browser cache and log in again.

Nothing changes. With chrome or safari, always the same.

Some more information:

what browser link do you use?

homee core version: 2.22.2 (9589511)
IOS version: 2.22.1 (4191)

Try clearing your cache as mentioned earlier

Nothing changes. I also tried on a newly installed virtual machine running Win7. Same problem with IE.

Could you please send me a screenshot of your browser settings in the language section? Because when I change my language to English, everything works as expected.

Dear Pascal,
Not sure what settings you are looking for. They are spread in various place. Language is all set to English. Formats are like this
Encoding is
It used to work, but suddenly got corrupted.
One important thing I forgot to say is that the detail of the first device is displayed properly. It’s only from device #2 to the end that it is corrupted:
device #1:

Device #2:

I got it. Could you please send me support access so that I can look into it?

I see a French accent aigu(?) on the word “veranda”.

Can you just for a test, remove the accent character and use a plain vocal e?

1 „Gefällt mir“

I never did it before. I do I provide you with the code privately?

Just enable support access and send me the credentials privately

Alright, i found a bug which caused the problem. Will be fixed in the next version.

2 „Gefällt mir“

Woaw… 5 stars support!

Many thanks Pascal.

6 „Gefällt mir“