Fibaro association

I recently bought a homee cube with z-wave and 17 fibaro dimmer-2 modules.
I can easily connect the dimmers with homee and write homeegrams to use both switch 1 and 2.
But I want to use fibaro associations to couple 1 dimmer directly to another.
Fibaro manual tells me that i need a home center to install an association. Is there any chance to use homee for that purpose, or do i have to buy a fibaro home center?

Hi Kares,

homee does is and will not be able to set association in Z-Wave. This is a limitation of home till its start an there is no anouncement it will be fixed in the future, as it is not cross compatible with the other standards like Zigbee an Enocenan.

homee can’t handle associations.
(I’m not sure but I would assume that associations will get lost when you pair your devices to a new home central; so setting up associations with the Fibaro home central and then using the devices with the homee home central while maintaining the associations will probably not work)

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Bummer… but thank you for your answer. Will try homeegrams and hope it will not be too slow

It will not be a question of speed but of reliability. It homee is offline (which case ever) association will work but homeegrams will not work.

So you better use enocean. enocean provides „Assoziation“. and less maintenance , z-wave needs a lot of it, if you expand your mesh

I thought enocean is only wireless

You are right. Enocean is wireless. You may link a switch directly to a wallplug if you want to. In case homee ist offline, the switch will still switch the plug even without the homeegram and the homee. Its just a fallback.