English support

Hi All,

I have been looking for a product to add more function to my HA and was looking at Mediola but information about their equipment doesn’t seem to be the best.

I have Homematic CCU2 , Fritzbox 3790 already and I want to use devices from z-wave/zigbee and not have several hubs and integrate with one app.

My question is is there enough support in English? Is the web app in English?

I have downloaded the android app and that works in English so good start.

I see on the store they do a bundle for 2 pieces will there be a discount for 3 pieces?



depends how you define “enough support”. main language is German especially in the community/support area. However, the community is very active and helpful. so, most probably you might also receive answers in English. Apps are available in English anyway. you’ll find all offers on the homee homepage…obviously there is none for 3 pieces.


That’s good hopefully if I post in English I will get a reply, I could see the forum is quite active but it depends on how many people are willing to answer in English but Google translate seems to work reasonable well

Nice to see that most of the Apps have English so I think I will manage.

It is a shame they don’t do a big bundle with a discount the same as the 2 peice bundle but looks like I would take the z-wave first and since Homematic has just added osram support it could work really well for mix and match.