Eltako FT55


I have an Eltako FT55 switch that i want to control Eltako FUD61NPN through Homee. The problem is that i want the dimming function to dim when the button is kept pressed. I don’t find any way of doing this by Homeegrams. Any suggestions?

Some example in German but with screenshots here

Why don‘t you use a direct Connection between the ft55 and the Eltako FUD?


Beacause i have problems with the distance and my Homee is placed between switch and actuator:)

In this case I would recommend you to buy a Eltako FRP70V range extender.

A direct connection is more Safe. In the Case of a failure of homee, the direct connection still works.


Thank you for your help!

I can not get this working, have you tested that it works?

maybe it’s easier to help you, if you show us a screenshot of your homeegram(s).

Here is my Homeegram, can you see what i did wrong?

I dont know how it is called in the english version, but there is a difference in:

activate a Homeegram = activate the triggers
deactivate a Homeegram = deactivate the triggers
start a Homeegram = trigger the Homeegram
stop a Homeegram = stop a running Homeegram

the trigger you need is:

WHEN the Homeegram dimme lys opp is started

AND THEN Homeegram dimme lys opp after 1 s start

I see, i missed that. But when i tried to change to „started“ i only have the two options „activated“ or „deactivated“.

Do I need to make a separate homeegram?, I am trying to refer to the same homeegram as I am editing

The trigger must be WHEN Homeegram is played

If it does not have that trigger it can not be selected to be triggered in the action part of the Homeegram.

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