Comprehensive use of heating plans

It would be great to have a possibility to pair for example temperature sensor and:
plug, or relay, or radiator valve and set them to work together for heating/cooling purposes.

If such a possibilies and functions will be integrated so it will allow a complex heating/cooling control solution and increase significantly usage of the homee system.

Concerned products: All the supported temperature sensors, plugs, actuators and relays
Afriso, Qubino, Fibaro, Permundo, Danfoss, POPP, iRTV, PMDM, NodON, Eltako, Thermokon, Homematic, etc…

Wireless technology: EnOcean, Z-Wave, WLAN




your request seems to be quite similar to an existing feature request (German).



You are right. I did not notice it before I wrote that.
In my request it is more focused on heating and cooling control.
Thanks for the notice:)