Can't login to Homee

All of the sudden, we cannot login to our homee using our phones or the web access. We can control our devices using Alexa, however, so the homee is working.

Was there an automatic update that screwed this up or something? How do we restore access/connection?

enclosed a manual for reset the user. It is for the AFRISO system but it will work also for homee.

AFRISOhome Gateway HG Benutzer-RESET.pdf (84,6 KB)

Homee gives me the option of deleting all users if I can’t login. This seems drastic. Why isn’t there simply a „forgot password“ process?

Damn, I like Homee for a lot of reasons, but this support mechanism is terrible. You have to be an IT hobbyist to get anywhere.

It’s a terrible consumer product.

hi @davidjohnpike

every user has forgotten the password? :flushed:
i think there is no other option and at the end you have to reset the users, but as far as i know it will affect only the users and not the other setting.

user-reset_EN (

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