Alexa doesn't work?

Does Homee no long work with Alexa?

We installed a few more Warema devices on our homee, and hoped to continue to use Alexa with them. However, the new devices do not all appear on the Alexa app. I tried to reinstall the skill on Alexa, but get a message saying it is no longer available (after a silly comment from Homee saying that we had reached the end of Alexa’s knowledge).

What’s the story?

Does you’ve created a HG? Is the rule „if the Hg is running“ selected? Does you’ve added a call name? Is Alexa enbled (Select Edit, scroll to the button)

So, you already have some other devices running in Alexa through homee?
After including the new devices in homee, did you ask Alexa to perform a search for new devices? If not, it will take an unknown amount of hours (not minutes) till Alexa automatically searches for new devices).

Yes, I went through the Alexa app and added new devices. It works. Shame it takes so long and doesn’t appear to automated.


However, the Homee skill is still available? I got some strange message when I tried to renew it.

By the way, how do I turn off those stupid greetings on the Homee app? Time for a beer, and Servus, and so on? That is just so dumb.



Right top corner :Edit (Dashboard.) Near in the middledeactivate the greeting